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Our goal is to develop a collaborative relationship with you that will provide the best and most predictable treatment results and ease of restoration you desire. As a clinician, you can expect an array of services, supportive of a comprehensive restorative treatment plan, thus reducing the number of specialists for the required result.

Our high level of training in periodontics, implants placement and prosthodontics will allow us to assist you with even the most complex cases and ease the fulfillment of your prosthetic treatment plan. It is our goal to provide your patients with state of the art, comprehensive periodontal and implant therapies that are seamlessly tied into your prosthetic plans.

Your kind referral to our practice will ensure the use of the latest technologies available in both diagnostic and clinical sciences. We are equipped with a cone beam, three-dimensional imaging system, which gives the highest level of accuracy available for viewing critical anatomical structures. We are also equipped with SimPlant software, an interactive three-dimensional implant planning system for accurate, predictable treatment planning and placement of dental implants.

We can provide your patients with the latest advancements in regenerative materials, including growth factors (PDGF-BB), bone morphogenic proteins (BMP-2), platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Alloderm, increasing the potential for both bone and soft tissue growth and improved patient healing.

Dental Implant Referrals

Our clinical skills and experience in implant planning and placement are offered in support of all clinicians, including those who prefer to place implants in their own practices. Our involvement in your case can be limited to CT scanning and interpretation, or provide collaborative planning, sequencing and treatment. Private consultations, study clubs and lectures are presented in continued support of your practice.

Our surgical training includes all aspects of soft and hard tissue grafting techniques: guided bone regeneration, guided tissue regeneration, sinus augmentations, block grafting (autogenous & allografts), ridge splitting, connective tissue grafting (autogenous & allografts), papillary reconstruction, root coverage, aesthetic crown lengthening, gingival complex modification and site preservation/augmentation.

Our endeavor is to continue to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence, thus reaffirming your commitment to your patient. You can always expect excellent verbal and written communication from our office and a commitment to assure your referral will reflect well on your care and concern, as evident by your patient’s high satisfaction.


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