Brandon M. West, D.D.S., M.S.

Karl J Zeren, D.D.S.

Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology
Practice Limited to Periodontics & Dental Implant Surgery

Periodontist Jacksonville

Welcome to West Periodontics and Dental Implants, your dedicated periodontist Jacksonville. Dr. West and Dr. Zeren are renowned for their expertise in periodontal care and dental implants, committed to delivering the highest standards of treatment. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology and develops personalized treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. As your periodontist Jacksonville, we strive for excellence and patient satisfaction in every procedure.

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Periodontist Jacksonville

Why Us?:

At West Periodontics and Dental Implants, we prioritize the unique needs of our Jacksonville patients. Dr. West and Dr. Zeren combine their extensive expertise with a compassionate approach to provide the highest quality care. Here’s why you should choose us as your periodontist Jacksonville:

  • Specialized Expertise: Dr. West and Dr. Zeren have specialized training in periodontics and dental implants, ensuring effective treatments tailored to each patient.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies to provide precise and efficient care, ensuring the best outcomes.
  • Personalized Care: Our individualized care plans focus on the specific needs and goals of each patient, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.
  • Community Involvement: We actively participate in Jacksonville’s local events and initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of our community.

Periodontist Jacksonville


At West Periodontics and Dental Implants, we offer a broad range of periodontal services specifically tailored for the Jacksonville community. Our team is dedicated to addressing all aspects of your periodontal health with precision and care:
  • Dental Implants Jacksonville: Our dental implants provide a durable and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. We use advanced techniques to ensure precise placement and long-lasting results.
  • Oral Surgery Jacksonville: We perform a variety of oral surgeries, including extractions and corrective jaw procedures, focusing on enhancing oral health and ensuring patient comfort.
  • Gum Grafting Jacksonville: Our gum grafting procedures treat gum recession and improve smile aesthetics. We use innovative techniques to ensure a quick recovery and lasting results.
  • Bone Grafting Jacksonville: Bone grafting strengthens and rebuilds the jawbone, providing a solid foundation for dental implants. Our periodontists are skilled in performing successful bone grafting procedures.


Periodontist Jacksonville

About Jacksonville:

Jacksonville is a serene and picturesque community located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Known for its lush landscapes and peaceful ambiance, Jacksonville offers a perfect blend of rural charm and suburban convenience. The area is characterized by rolling hills, beautiful parks, and historic homes that add to its unique charm. Jacksonville is served by the ZIP code 21084 and is a close-knit community that values its rich history and natural beauty.

Residents of Jacksonville enjoy a high quality of life with access to excellent schools, local businesses, and recreational activities. The community is active and engaged, with numerous events and activities that bring neighbors together. Jacksonville’s proximity to Baltimore provides easy access to urban amenities while maintaining the tranquility of a rural setting. This makes it an ideal place for families, professionals, and retirees alike, offering a peaceful retreat without sacrificing convenience.

Things to Do in Jacksonville:

  • Gunpowder Falls State Park: Enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking in this expansive state park featuring beautiful trails and scenic river views.
  • Maryland Horse Breeders Association: Visit local horse farms and learn about Maryland’s rich equestrian history.
  • Northern Central Railway: Take a scenic train ride through the countryside and enjoy the historical significance of this heritage railway.
  • Ladew Topiary Gardens: Explore the stunning gardens, nature trails, and historic manor house at this renowned horticultural attraction.
periodontist Jacksonville

How the Practice Serves the Community:

At West Periodontics and Dental Implants, we are proud to serve the vibrant community of Jacksonville. Our commitment goes beyond providing excellent periodontal care; we actively participate in various community activities and initiatives. Dr. West and Dr. Zeren often engage in local health awareness programs, offering free dental check-ups and educational seminars to promote oral health. We also support Jacksonville’s local events and collaborate with nearby schools to provide students with essential dental care resources. Our practice is dedicated to making a positive impact on the Jacksonville community, ensuring that every resident has access to high-quality periodontal treatments and comprehensive oral health education.

Periodontist Jacksonville


What services does a periodontist Jacksonville offer for advanced gum disease?

A periodontist Jacksonville offers comprehensive treatments for advanced gum disease, including scaling and root planing, laser therapy, and surgical interventions such as pocket reduction and regenerative procedures. These treatments aim to eliminate infection, reduce inflammation, and restore healthy gum tissue.

At our practice, a periodontist Jacksonville uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to plan and execute precise dental implant placement. This ensures optimal integration with the jawbone, resulting in a stable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

Yes, a periodontist Jacksonville specializes in treating gum recession through procedures like gum grafting. This treatment helps to cover exposed roots, reduce sensitivity, and improve the appearance of your smile while preventing further gum recession.


Choosing a periodontist Jacksonville for oral surgery ensures you receive expert care from specialists trained in the latest surgical techniques. Our focus on patient comfort and successful outcomes means you can expect effective and minimally invasive treatments for a variety of oral health issues.

It is recommended to visit a periodontist Jacksonville for regular check-ups every six months to a year, depending on your specific oral health needs. Regular visits help in early detection and management of periodontal issues, ensuring long-term oral health.